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Shooting the Rapids, Mistaya CanyonThanks for checking out Vivid Aspect Photography events!

First begun in 2013, I’m pleased to present a new series of photo tours and workshops. A key concept of this new series is to partner with other experienced photographer / tour leaders, to offer even more productive and valuable experiences to our group members. Some of these events will take place in my beautiful home province of Alberta, while others will take place in fantastic international areas. Not sure about the idea of touring with a larger group with a single tour leader, where it’s challenging to get any personal input? This new series — with multiple instructors, a low attendee-to-instructor ratio and a focus on your experience — may be for you!

Looking forward across 2014 – 2015, I’ll also be continuing my series of field-intensive photo tours begun in 2010, based at the award-winning Aurum Lodge in beautiful David Thompson Country. If you want to explore the seasons in the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies, one of these tours may be just the ticket.

Events for 2015

  • Fall 2015 Canadian Rockies Photo Tour, September 21 – 27, 2015: Fall is an ever-popular time to visit the Rockies. The weather patterns have been quite dynamic in recent years, but we can plan for locations including rivers, lakes, canyons, mountains, plains, weather and fall foliage. We will visit locations that are both iconic and off the beaten path, working in David Thompson Country and along the Icefields Parkway. There will be enough variety in locations and subject matter that you will be able to concentrate on composing your own personal take on the Rockies. Registration is now open and spaces are available!

For more information on these events, or if you would like to book me for an event you’re planning, please contact me.

In addition to links for my current events, I’ve also provided other information that may be of interest:

Why Attend One of My Events?

You may be wondering if going on one of the events listed here is right for you. In part, it depends what you would like to get out of it. Be sure to pick the right kind of event for your expectations:

  • Do you want to learn basic photographic theory or camera operation?
  • Are you looking to improve your mastery of subject, composition and light?
  • Would you like instruction on digital techniques using PhotoShop?
  • Do you want a field-intensive experience that gets you ample opportunities to take pictures?
  • Are you interested in mastering fine art reproduction techniques including post-processing and printing?

Different instructor teams and types of events cater to different levels of skill and experience, they offer different learning opportunities, and they have different balances of instruction vs. field time. Be clear about what you’re after, and think about what a specific event offers, to make sure the match is good for you.

Photo Tours

Many of my events are called “photo tours” because the emphasis is on field time. If there is any kind of usable light and a good subject anywhere within 100 km of our location, generally we will be out there photographing. The ideal participants in my tours are intermediate to advanced — they know how to use their cameras, have the relevant equipment needed to photograph on location, and are looking primarily for opportunities to photograph as well as some field-based, hands-on instruction.

In-class time is minimal in a photo tour, though there may be some sessions inside to cover specific topics of interest to the group. The field orientation of this type of event doesn’t mean instruction won’t occur, however — far from it. All my events are very focused on helping you achieve satisfying photographs during the experience, as well as helping with anything you share about goals for improving. In hands-on situations in the field, we’ll talk about working with the subject, composition choices, using the light and how to approach each location. We’ll also look at lens selection, useful gear, exposure choices and other variables influencing how you take the photograph. If there’s interest, we’ll discuss ways to realize interesting final images from the raw exposures, and any other topics that come up. The bottom line: my primary goal is to help you have a fulfilling photography experience and bring away a great portfolio of new photographs.

Masterclass Events

A new series of events I’m involved in are described as “masterclass” events. What is a masterclass? It’s not just a fancy name designed to sound impressive! A masterclass is an intensive, mentoring-based workshop format. The event brings together an integrated blend of seminars on key topics, targeted field work including assignments, and constructive critique. Hands-on lab work is often involved as well. All of this is presented by photographers who have recognized mastery of the topics, and are experienced instructors as well.

While a lot of field time will be available to make new photographs, the primary purpose of a masterclass is to focus on achieving a level of mastery of some aspect of photographic craft, art, or profession. It’s a chance for learning first & foremost, supported by doing. Masterclasses usually are held with a low participant-to-instructor ratio, to ensure significant personal attention on creative learning & achievement of goals. An event may include a team of instructors for even greater depth of focus. These events are not your garden variety workshop! They are immersive blends of learning and doing in a concentrated package, designed to take participants to a new level in their photography.


Here are some of the key benefits you can get out of my events:

  • The chance to photograph with one or more experienced photographers who are familiar with the location and material. And are good at instruction!
  • Opportunity for realtime feedback from the instructors and other participants as you photograph the location.
  • Exposure to different styles, uses of equipment, ways of seeing and creative approaches.
  • Improved understanding of what will make your photographs technically solid and creatively interesting.
  • The ability to really get into the location without having to spend all the time researching it in advance, or going through trial-and-error.
  • Intense focus on photography with minimal distractions, giving the opportunity to quickly build solid entries in your portfolio.
  • Fun socializing with the group… that is, when not sharing photography ideas with the other participants.


If you are thinking about attending one of my events but have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be happy to provide any information that may be useful in helping you reach a good decision based on what you’d like to achieve.

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