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Sun Voyager at Midnight

June 15, 2014
Sun Voyager at Midnight, Reykjavik

Sun Voyager at Midnight, Reykjavik

I’m currently in Iceland, where the locations are incredible, the light is magical and the weather can be volatile. 🙂 The forecast has been calling for cloud, showers and rain. Yesterday, the cloud was heavy over Reykjavik, and it seemed like the odds were slim for any colourful light at sundown. However, as afternoon turned to evening turned to dusk, patches in the cloud were breaking up and shifting around, so there was a chance something might happen.

Sometime after 10:00 PM I took up my camera, left the guesthouse and went down to the harbour. My plan was to hang out at Sólfar (the Sun Voyager), a striking work of sculpture by Jón Gunnar Árnason. A few other intrepid night owls were there as well, and we all hung around to see what would develop. The air was relatively still and the temperature was mild, so it was a pleasant time to just wait and watch. Gulls flew around squawking, the occasional boat crossed the bay, and people would come and go around the sculpture. Many had cameras, but many others were there just to take in the view by eye, and make memories the old-fashioned way.

As midnight approached, we were rewarded by the low sun warming different layers of cloud with varying shades of yellow, orange and red. At the peak, part of it looked something like the photo shown here, though this is just a rough cut done quickly on my travel laptop.

Tonight our photo group assembles together for the first evening of our 2014 Icelandic Summer Light tour. We will begin 12 days of experiencing and photographing this special land and its light. Just about anything can happen, and it should be a great adventure!

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  1. SA GOSLING permalink
    June 15, 2014 13:33

    Hi Royce great to hear you are doing what you are addicted to, I am getting that feeling. However I need to master my camera first, take it out and sit somewhere and learn what happens in different lights/situations so on and so forth. I am learning manual mode never been here before, once understand this I will go for walks on the path ways, stop and take random pictures. Thank you for your blog. look forward to talking wiht you soon allan

    • June 15, 2014 16:31

      Cheers Allan, thanks for stopping by the blog and commenting. Mastering the camera and other tools does help. I try not to be religious about manual mode or other things, but the bottom line is the more we can make our tools dance to our tune, the more we can call the composition how & when we want. Enjoy your path! 🙂

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