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Devour Some Amazing Landscape

July 14, 2013
Devour, Lake O'Hara

Devour, Lake O’Hara

Tip: Spaces are available for my Fall 2013 Photo Tour in the Canadian Rockies! Read on for information…

Right now I’m sitting in Reykjavik as a light rain comes down outside. It has been a rainy few days here in the early part of a trip that will continue tomorrow with a small group photo tour lasting 10 more days. I’m looking forward to it, we’re going to see some amazing landscapes!

But more about Iceland later. For this post, I’m drawing attention to the Canadian Rockies, since the Iceland experience is sandwiched in between a pair of events in the Rockies.

Not long before heading over to Iceland, I was the co-leader of a small group photography masterclass, run along with Brian Merry. The masterclass format paired seminar presentation topics on creative photography with field photography sessions in some fantastic Rockies locations ranging between Lake Louise and the Columbia Icefield. And a lot of hands-on time from Brian and myself to work in detail every day with each participant. Everybody had a great time and learned a lot.

Stay tuned for further news on the masterclass concept, because Brian and I hope to run the event again with ever more improvements. We’ll have a bit more to say in wrapping up this year’s masterclass, and then hopefully some announcements about what comes next!

Interesting Times On the Road Ahead, near Baker Creek Chalets

Interesting Times On the Road Ahead, near Baker Creek Chalets

One of our highlights during the masterclass was the time spent at the fabulous Baker Creek Chalets. This small lodge-style resort is tucked out of the way along the Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A). The locale is quiet and beautiful, the staff are friendly and helpful, and the food at the associated restaurant is absolutely first class. I can’t recommend this location enough to anyone traveling through the area who would like someplace to stay that’s both above average quality and off the beaten path.

In a bit of a shocking development, we were done with the masterclass event for only a brief time when severe flash floods suddenly smashed into Southern Alberta, including many familiar locations in the Rockies. Baker Creek itself burst its banks and threatened the property at Baker Creek Chalets. Fortunately a lot of hardwork at sand-bagging (twice!) was able to keep the raging flow from damaging any of the buildings. Whew!

The other Rockies event bracketing my time in Iceland is yet to happen. This will be the Fall 2013 photo tour based at Aurum Lodge, up in David Thompson Country. Like the Baker Creek Chalets, Aurum Lodge is a member of the Charming Inns of Alberta association, a collection of interesting and distinctive places around the province. Aurum is situated in some beautiful country in the front ranges of the Rockies, and is ideally positioned as a base camp for photography purposes. Lodge hosts Madeleine and Alan Ernst couldn’t be more gracious and attentive, and have a particular understanding of the sometimes demanding schedules of photographers! 🙂

Fall in particular can be an amazing time in the Rockies with an extra splash of color adding spice to the incredible mountain scenery and the shoreline along Abraham Lake. The light is often excellent at this time of year as well, with days of a civilized length bracketed with opportunities of amazing sunrises and sunsets. Last year we had a sold-out group who experienced prime conditions at a number of locations, including some top experiences in the mountains for a number of members.

There are still spaces available for the Fall 2013 photo tour. If you’d like to devour some sumptuous Rockies landscapes for a few days with a small group focused on making the most of the conditions and light, I hope you’ll join us! Feel free to contact me for more information, or contact Alan Ernst at Aurum Lodge for booking details.

Fall Dawn Go Boom, Abraham Lake

Fall Dawn Go Boom, Abraham Lake

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