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A Few News Items — Podcasts, Presentations and Phun

April 30, 2013
Noise Example

Noise Example

Today I’m just going to put out a few news items about some recent happenings. First up, I was recently interviewed for the second time by Montreal-based Marko Kulik of I’ve enjoyed each conversation with Marko; he’s great interviewer and also a great photographer, with an instinct for getting into topics of interest to his audience. This time around we did a recording for the podcast episode #117, on the topic of digital photo artifacts like halos, noise and chromatic aberration — understanding where these things come from, and what to do about them. It’s a techie talk, but I do manage to get in a few points on art and creativity. 🙂 If you’ve ever wondered about various digital flaws in your images, check out the podcast and see if there’s a useful tip or two. And you’ll also hear a couple of examples of when defects aren’t defects, if they support your creative purposes in image-making.

Second, in just over a week’s time I’ll be venturing north to St. Albert. I sure hope winter can convince itself to give over to spring by then! But either way, the show must go on, since I’ve been invited to present to the St. Albert Photography Club on the evening of Wednesday, May 8. My topic will be “Travel Photography: Stories Instead of Snaps”, and I’ll have a slide show from the recently exhibited Arizona / Alberta project. The group will be meeting at the St. Albert Inn at 156 St. Albert Trail, starting at 7:00 PM. If you’re in the area next week, you can find details about attending on the calendar page on the club’s web site.

Finally, while waiting for spring to truly arrive and kick winter into memory again, the team at The IRIS Photographic Society of Alberta have been planning our first ever Friends of IRIS event. The Lilac Festival in Calgary is a grand kick-off to spring and to the new year’s festival season. This year, IRIS will run a small group workshop at the festival. Join up with Peter Carroll, Ian McGillvrey and myself for a day of photography instruction & inspiration in a dynamic & energetic street photography environment. For information on how to register, see the IRIS event page. Don’t delay… group size is limited, and we expect to have a lot of photographic phun!

Blackfoot Dancer

Blackfoot Dancer

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  1. April 30, 2013 15:46

    Loved the podcast on Halos, noise and CA. Big subject explained very well.

    • April 30, 2013 20:56

      Hey, thanks Nic. It was a sizable recording but hopefully we were able to keep people engaged and provide a few interesting pointers. 🙂

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