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Three R’s for Creative Travel Photography

April 19, 2013
Staring Into the Abyss, Athabasca Glacier

Staring Into the Abyss, Athabasca Glacier

Brian Merry and I still have spaces open in the Landscape Photography Masterclass we’re co-leading this coming June in the Canadian Rockies. What makes this Masterclass different than your average photo event at tourist stops in the mountains? For one thing, the instruction will go beyond the tools & techniques of the trade and present several important topics in the area of developing creatively as a photographer.

In my new article at The Camera Store’s blog, I give an example… just one part of a broader topic I’ll be covering in the Masterclass, that of story-telling through photography. Let’s say that you have some creative goals in place and know your gear well enough to know how it will help you make images you have in mind. Now you need an approach to actually get out there and do it.

For situations where the effort is casual, and the costs and risks are low, you can get away without a lot of preparation… just head out and see what develops. But in the case of travel destinations, you may want to prepare a little more. Especially if you’d like to get some photographs that are less like snapshots, and more like stories or distinctive works that really stand out in your portfolio.

In these kinds of situations, how do you get your head in a creative space and give yourself more chances at satisfying image-making? Here are 3 R’s to try: research, repeat and respond.

Want to read more about the 3 R’s? Head over to the blog at The Camera Store for my new article just posted there! And if you want to participate in an intensive field experience that involves a lot of learn-by-doing, contact Brian Merry or me for details on how to register for the June Masterclass. The group size will be small, the focus will be concentrated, and the opportunity for creative development promises to be fantastic. Join us!

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