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Persistently Improving the Vision

March 6, 2013

oopoomoo Persistent Vision Photo Event

No, this isn’t about getting new eyeglasses or taking a trip to the optometrist. Nor is it a critical lyrical analysis of the Wallflowers song Reboot the Mission:

Eyes on the prize, reboot the mission

I’ve lost my sight, but not the vision


Part of being committed to improving my photography is not always just talking about my own work or doing my own projects, because I find that can be a way to get tunnel vision. I like to look at a lot of work from other photographers, and the past month of February in Calgary with the 2013 Exposure Photography Festival provided a lot of great opportunities to do that. I just got back from a quick viewing of an exhibit of color street photography work by Vancouver photographer Fred Herzog, still running until April 28, at the Glenbow Museum. Anyone in the Calgary area should go see this exhibit.

Another thing I like to do is attend talks, presentations and workshops put on by other photographers that I know, or whose work I find interesting. That’s the main thing I’m posting about today. Coming up on Saturday March 16, my good friends Samantha Chrysanthou and Darwin Wiggett of oopoomoo fame are putting on the Persistent Vision seminar. In addition to being exceptional photographers, instructors, and writers themselves, Sam & Darwin have a special guest, another Vancouverite: photographer, writer, blogger, tour leader and world traveler David duChemin. The event on Saturday will feature anchor presentations from Sam, Darwin and David, and certainly will be packed with a lot of inspirational and practical guidance on improving one’s creative photography.

If that isn’t enough, for anybody with professional leanings to their photography, Saturday afternoon also will feature a panel discussion. Additional guests Drew Anderson, Dave Brosha, Andrew Hempstead, Lori Maloney and John E. Marriott will contribute their perspectives on the current state and future opportunities of the photography business. Covering a range of genres including wildlife, portraiture, glamour, journalism, publication work, assignments and more, this eclectic group is going to have something interesting to say not only on photography as a creative pursuit, but as a profession.

And if that still isn’t enough, there are a bunch of other topics in the hopper as well. Talented PEI-based photographer and designer Stephen DesRoches will be on hand as well. Part of the oopoomoo team, he handles the design of the growing body of highly informative oopoomoo photography e-books authored by Sam, Darwin, and now John Marriott and Dave Brosha, too. Anyone wanting to learn about publishing photography and/or writing through the increasingly popular e-book format will be able to talk to a collection of folks who know this area inside out.

And there’s more: a slideshow of participant photography, an opportunity for portfolio critiques, door prizes, and more. I don’t know, it’s entirely possible a set of Ginsu steak knives are going to show up at some point, that’s just how loaded this event sounds!

Beyond all the above activities on Saturday, there’s an entire weekend planned around Persistent Vision, and I’m registered for & very much looking forward to all of it. I’m pumped at the opportunity to meet, talk with, and learn from this great collection of folks. I have no doubt it’s going to help me improve my own vision. How? By exposing me to subjects, styles and techniques of work besides what I normally do myself, and also by introducing me to people with a lot of creativity, passion and experience who will challenge my sense of what’s possible.

The Friday and Sunday portions of the schedule are sold out, but the Saturday seminar still has a few places open. If the above topics sound like anything at all interesting to you, honestly you’re going to have a hard time coming up with $169.95 you could spend on photography in a better way.

Go check out the Persistent Vision event page at the oopoomoo web site. Then clear your schedule on Saturday March 16, register for the seminar, and I’ll see you in Bragg Creek!

Disclosure: As noted above, I’m registered to participate in this event. And Sam, Darwin & I are colleagues in various ways, including all being co-founders of The IRIS Photographic Society of Alberta, which will have a small presence at the Saturday seminar. But aside from that, I have no business or financial involvement in the event… no kick-backs involved. 🙂 I’m just helping to put the word out because this is a great event put on by some great folks.

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  1. March 7, 2013 06:39

    See you there.

    • March 7, 2013 07:12

      It will be good to see you again Stephen! A little closer to home than Iceland this time… well, closer to my home I should say. Iceland might have been closer to yours. 🙂

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