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New Year’s Resolve

January 12, 2013

Here we are, well into January of a new year! Traditionally, one reflects on the accomplishments & challenges of the past year, and looks forwards to plans & hopes for the coming year. Who am I to flaunt tradition?

Cool Mist Is Cooling, Scottsdale

Cool Mist Is Cooling, Scottsdale

Last year was truly exciting and fulfilling in a lot of ways, including with my photography. Thinking back on the highlights brings back memories of some great experiences:

  • Successful Spring and Fall photo tours in the Rockies with great groups of people both times.

And those were just the big highlights! It was a hot & action packed year… frankly, I’m still somewhat cooling down & catching my breath from it all. 🙂

Looking ahead to 2013, things will be different but no less busy I suspect!

And more! So there’s lots of fun stuff ahead. I may need one or two clones to help out — whew!

On the subject of future plans, when looking ahead at this time of year, a common thing is to make some new year’s resolutions. Now, according to people who quote statistics about such things, most resolutions fail. There are many reasons for that, and I know they’re often all too true for me as well, so I don’t really make resolutions any more.

Look To Your Wings and the Horizon

Look To Your Wings and the Horizon

But here’s the thing. Even though I’m going to skip the resolutions, I’ve decided to have New Year’s Resolve instead.

Resolve is something that underlies everyone who succeeds at anything that has any degree of challenge to it. It’s the thing that stops them from being just a flash in the pan if they meet too-quick early success and are tempted to board their own hype train. It’s the thing that keeps them working ahead, doggedly but intelligently, when obstacle after obstacle crops up in their way. It’s the thing that disciplines their flexibility, and guides them in adopting and abandoning plans & tactics as necessary to ultimately succeed at their goals. Resolve is what underlies a phrase from one of my favorite business authors, Jim Collins, who identified a principle in his book Good To Great — it’s the “Stockdale Paradox”: confront the brutal facts of reality, but never give up hope.

What’s my resolve about, in this context? To keep refining my sense of what my artistic voice is, to keep making my work, and to keep getting it out there. And to keep working with other positive, energized people who have this same resolve.

Don’t get me wrong — resolutions aren’t bad in their own right. But I believe they are a means to an end, not a silver bullet. They need to be underpinned by resolve, or they’ll probably fail. If you’ve made some resolutions starting out this new year, then I wish you all the best with them. But even more, I wish for you the resolve to keep striving after your dreams even if the reality you’re facing doesn’t look good right now.

Don’t lose sight of reality, but don’t let the daily distractions and annoyances sap your drive to keep doing your work. Let those little things disappear into the clouds for awhile. Instead, look to the horizon — that’s where you’re going. And look to your wings — because they’ll carry you there.

Got resolutions, or just plain old resolve? Got some thoughts on how to keep the faith while facing down reality? Feel free to comment…

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  1. January 15, 2013 17:53

    Congratulations on a fantastic 2012, and again on what looks to be an exciting 2013, Royce. I’ve always admired your work, and I like what you have to say about resolve. I am with you: I don’t really like new years resolutions all that much, but I am looking forward to the year ahead because I am looking forward to continue to get to know my own artistic vision, and learn how it is evolving.

    Maybe our paths will cross this year!


  2. January 15, 2013 21:08

    Thanks Greg! Back at you on the congratulations for what you’ve achieved. But more importantly, the path you’re on, as you talk about it in your post “Crossroads of Creativity”. This will be a good year for any of us who think about the crossroads metaphor, and consciously put ourselves on a path.

    It’s possible our paths will meet up! 🙂

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