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Summer 2013 Photo Tour — Icelandic Summer Light » Boats and Notes, Reykjavik

Boats and Notes, Reykjavik

Boats and Notes, Reykjavik

Putting out to harbor on a whale-watching tour from Reykjavik, we cruised past a number of sailboats moored at the yacht club. The building in behind is the splendid Harpa concert hall and conference center, just recently opened to the public. The patterned shapes of blue glass panels, and the reflections caught in them, caught my eye as a back-drop for the sailboats. The bright blue and purple panels brought to mind notes on some exotic musical score. As I later learned, the natural pattern of basalt columns, which are found in many volcanic areas of Iceland and often show an hexagonal cross-section, is a recurring influence on Icelandic architecture. That includes the lattice-work of glass panels here. I spent quite a bit of time in and around Harpa, enjoying the space; but I couldn’t have gotten this view without being on the water.

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