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Spring 2012 Canadian Rockies Photo Tour Results — Mo Mullet

July 5, 2012

I’ve just returned from Arizona, where the shooting was hot and so was the weather. We hit temperatures of +43 C on several days in the Phoenix metro area, and routinely in the high +30’s C elsewhere. I grew up in some pretty hot climates as a youngster, but this was extreme even by my standards! I drank a lot, kept my hat on, and applied liberal amounts of sunscreen… this got me through the days in good shape. Unfortunately, my Pentax 645D didn’t fare so well and developed some serious mechanical issues. But that’s a story for another day. Aside from the camera troubles, the experience I shared with TEOE exchange team members Peter Carroll, Ken Ross and Colleen Miniuk-Sperry was an absolute blast and exceeded my expectations by a country mile! Much more on that topic in the coming weeks…

Back to the current topic, it’s time for a new set of images from the Spring 2012 Photo Tour at Aurum Lodge. This time, participant Mo Mullet has sent along 5 of his favorite images from the locations we visited with the group. As you’ll see, like others on the trip Mo took a hankering to tightly framed details for his set; we certainly had many opportunities for making extractive compositions. If your eye sees in this way, you rarely run out of visual possibilities no matter where you are.

This trip was something like a “bucket list” event for Mo, and he happily dug into whatever opportunities were served up for us as we worked through both natural & man-made settings during our days in the field. But it was only one stop for Mo, since he came to us via Yellowstone and left us to return to Yellowstone and also enjoy a fishing trip in Ontario. Plus other stops before & after in a travel schedule that rivals my own this year. Clearly a man on a mission! 🙂

It was great having you with the group, Mo, and best wishes with your further travels & photography…

Burned Tree Trunks Copyright © 2012 Mo Mullet

Copyright © 2012 Mo Mullet

Tracks Copyright © 2012 Mo Mullet

Copyright © 2012 Mo Mullet

Mine Cart Copyright © 2012 Mo Mullet

Copyright © 2012 Mo Mullet

Bighorn Ram Copyright © 2012 Mo Mullet

Copyright © 2012 Mo Mullet

Prairie Crocus Copyright © 2012 Mo Mullet

Copyright © 2012 Mo Mullet

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