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Two In Blue

November 27, 2011

A few days ago, I got back from my last official photo event of the year. This time I was a participant on Darwin Wiggett’s second “Fire & Ice” photo tour, based up at Aurum Lodge. As I’ve found every time, it was a great bunch of people who came out for the tour. We had a lot of fun, Madeleine and Alan Ernst at the lodge were excellent hosts (as they always are!), and Darwin’s guidance put us in some great locations for photography. See his blog for results from the participants; I’ll have a set showing up there in a couple of days.

Conditions were a lot colder than usual for this time of year, dipping to -24 C one morning — not including wind chill, which took it lower on exposed skin! Thankfully everyone (even the Floridian and Southern Californian) had come appropriately geared for winter weather and, for the most part, enjoyed what the circumstances served up. As luck would have it, most of our shoots were not blessed with any particular “fire” in the sky, but the freezing conditions made for great ice. The light, temperature and wind at a couple of morning locations, in particular, made for a distinctive look. So to get started on some of my photo take from the tour, here’s a couple of very blue early morning compositions.

And as soon as I get this posted, I think I’ll power down. We have some incredibly strong wind gusts hitting the city today, and the power is cutting in & out here like crazy…

Blue Misty For Me, Abraham Lake

Blue Misty For Me, Abraham Lake

Blue Dawn On the Rocks, Abraham Lake

Blue Dawn On the Rocks, Abraham Lake

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  1. January 30, 2012 01:28

    Love this shot Royce! I have been meaning to get there when the water is open! The ice blobs as a fg work great and the mood is awesome in this one!

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