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Fall 2011 Canadian Rockies Photo Tour Results — Alan Ernst

October 13, 2011
Bow Lake Reflection

In addition to being one of the proprietors of Aurum Lodge, and therefore (along with his wife Madeleine) our “base camp” host for photo tours in David Thompson Country, Alan Ernst is a gifted photographer in his own right. On top of his responsibilities at the lodge, he often comes along for part or all of our days out in the field, bringing his camera, creative eye and intimate knowledge of locations. Alan is truly a co-leader; whenever he’s present, I encourage the group to pay attention to what he’s up to. 🙂

Our recent Fall 2011 Photo Tour was a blast, and the group capitalized on a lot of great photo opportunities. Alan was with us on the final full day, and prepared this photo essay from his results at just one of the locations we visited. Enjoy! We’ll have more photo results from the tour before long…

Bow Lake Reflection

The Postcard Shot: Bow Lake Reflection, Copyright © 2011 Alan Ernst

Crowfoot Mountain – Revisited

When going on photo outings I often set myself a “challenge” to look for specific subjects, apply certain techniques or find images matching a specific theme.  I personally like landscape extractions in nature photography, as much as I enjoy the grand vistas. On day 4 of our fall tour, I wanted to look for the maximum possible landscape extractions in any given scene (so far I had never gotten more than four or five in any one location). When hiking in to a lesser known location along Bow Lake, we were rewarded with a spectacular view of the upper Bow Valley and I ended up with a full dozen extractions in this scene of Bow Lake alone, half of which are shown below. Look for the respective “crops” in the Landscape, starting at the lower left.

The postcard shot of the grand view was taken with a Lumix GH2 and Olympus 11-22mm lens, whereas the extractions were photographed with my Lumix GH1 and Lumix 100-300mm tele-zoom.

Mountains, undulating scenery, landscapes with a lot of variety and subject details, as well as cityscapes lend themselves very well to extractive imagery. Generally, you will want a zoom lens with the equivalent of a 200mm focal length or longer for this type of photography, to be able to really isolate a subject from its surroundings. Look for contrast, shadows, textures, repeating patterns, shapes and lines, spots of colour, abstracts, etc. in your scene and find a pleasing, balanced or interesting composition so the detail image can stand on its own. A great advantage of photographing landscape extractions is that you can achieve good images under virtually any weather conditions or time of day.

— Alan Ernst

Toe of the Crow in the Bow

Toe of the Crow in the Bow, Copyright © 2011 Alan Ernst

Crowfoot Gargoyle

Crowfoot Gargoyle, Copyright © 2011 Alan Ernst

Devil's Shadow on the Crow

Devil's Shadow on the Crow, Copyright © 2011 Alan Ernst

Rockface on Crowfoot Mtn

Rockface on Crowfoot Mtn, Copyright © 2011 Alan Ernst

Forest Reflection in Bow Lake

Forest Reflection in Bow Lake, Copyright © 2011 Alan Ernst

Below Mt Jimmy Simpson

Below Mt Jimmy Simpson, Copyright © 2011 Alan Ernst

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