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Suddenly It’s Fall

September 12, 2011
The Outrider, Icefields Parkway

The Outrider, Icefields Parkway

Summer was late to arrive this year; indeed, spring before it was late to arrive. Now the Labour Day long weekend is behind us, school is back in session, and the downtown parking lots are jammed again. Here in the Calgary area, the scent of fall is definitely in the air. Nope, no big delay on this!

Yesterday & today, the temperature has cooled off from the unseasonable but very welcome warmth that we enjoyed for several days. Though we didn’t get the trademark hard frost that always seems to happen in late August, leaves have now suddenly started turning yellow, and are dropping in the wind. Robins and Pine Siskins are starting to flock around the yard again, and other migrating birds are putting in appearances through the neighborhood. They all know that it’s time for the season to be moving along.

I discovered some new-to-me Canadian singer/songwriters this year, and one of my favorites has been Erin Costelo. Check out her album “Fire & Fuss”. As the season turns, I’m taken with the lyrics of her song “Go Home” — “Oh, I’ve gotta get out of this place. Leaves are turning on me in a colourful disgrace.” And — “The weather is a jealous type and blows me hatred in the night. He and Summer, they want to teach me wrong from right. Go home, they whisper, go on home. The trees have shed their party clothes.” It’s a bittersweet song, and it sticks in my head. Check it out along with the rest of the album.

Meanwhile, the trees have not yet totally lost their party clothes, and the weather is not yet blowing us much hatred. That’s all still waiting in the wings. For now, it’s capital-F-Fall! Fall in the Canadian Rockies may be brief, but it’s a brilliant time to escape the city and get out into the country, and I’m looking forward to that very thing.

In less than 2 weeks time, I’ll be heading up to David Thompson Country for the 2011 Fall Photo Tour at Aurum Lodge. We still have spaces available for the event. So although it’s getting close, if your schedule still has a tour-sized opening between September 25 and October 1, consider joining us. It’s going to be a great time to photograph in the mountains…

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  1. September 12, 2011 23:10

    Nice one Royce… Alberta is so beautiful in the Fall… In fact I took my very first landscape images there in September 2004. Hmmm, what a journey that all started!

    Just to update you too… We’re moving to Thailand in 3 weeks time, so you missed your chance to visit us in Spain 🙂

    Gotta be quick bro…

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