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Best Wishes for 2011

December 29, 2010
Building Up To Christmas, Calgary

Building Up To Christmas, Calgary

It has been a busy few weeks since I last had a bit of time to update the blog here — travel, work, chores, holiday visits with family and all that jazz. I actually wanted to get this post up before leaving town for the Christmas weekend, but couldn’t quite pull it together in time. Looking back on 2010, there were a lot of these busy times; also some good achievements… and a few tough experiences. On the whole, my wife and I were blessed, and we are very grateful for it.

I did get in a little bit of photography here and there over the past couple of weeks. One evening, the ice fog and snow rolled across the city and I just had to take a couple of hours to head for the ridge north of downtown Calgary to see what the city lights looked like. The Pentax 645D did an incredible job pulling in the details of this city scene… something that is hard to appreciate in a small web image. A nice sized print is definitely the ticket. 🙂 Just one sample of what was an interesting and largely satisfying year for me in terms of photography; I definitely hope to keep things rolling.

As I take stock during the last few days of 2010 and start thinking towards the new year (and in fact a new decade), besides my own plans I also have in mind those I know who are celebrating good things and looking forward to new horizons, as well as enduring losses and challenges. Sincere prayers and wishes to everyone for hope, strength, light and success (as you measure it) in 2011!

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  1. December 29, 2010 19:53

    Happy New Year, Royce! Looking forward to visiting in the New Year with you and Deb.

  2. December 30, 2010 04:46

    Happy New Year to you to Royce. I hope you feel just as satisfied with next year as you are with 2010.

    Thanks for all the words of encouragement and helpful critiques. I sure do wish I had the opportunity to get out that way and shoot with you and all the folks in your neighborhood.

    Best of everything,

  3. December 30, 2010 17:05

    Sam, all the best for Next Year! Definitely looking to hanging out with ya in a few days time. 🙂

    Thanks Steve, and cheers to you & yours in 2011. Keep working on that love of winter shooting. 🙂 If you ever do arrange a trip to this neck of the woods, be sure to let me know…

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