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Shipments of Pentax 645D Called Back?

November 13, 2010

Reports are beginning to surface that at least some shipments of the new Pentax 645D are being called back prior to delivery to customers, in some markets. According to posters in this thread at Pentax Forums, a couple of customers in both Australia and Canada were notified that their 645D’s had arrived — only to be called up shortly thereafter and informed that the cameras could not be delivered because Pentax had pulled them back.

One of my local Calgary contacts confirmed this to be true. An initial shipment of 645D’s arrived in Calgary but were returned to Pentax prior to customer delivery. The issue may relate to focus. Nick Devlin comments about some focus issues in his initial review of the 645D, just posted at Luminous Landscape. Nick also commented in the Pentax Forums discussion thread and confirms what he mentions in his review, that he passed his notes about focusing issues back to Pentax. Coincidence?

If there is an issue hopefully it’s a minor one. This camera has been in production and shipping in Japan for some time, so it’s hopefully unlikely to be a Canon 1D Mk III-style design fault. Regardless of what the issue is, Pentax is demonstrating (unlike Canon) the principle of taking the bull by the horns right away in calling the cameras back before they get into customer hands. As troublesome as it may be to delay the arrival of the camera in the new markets, it could well be even worse to keep shipping and then have a confirmed technical issue surface at large, leading to a serious PR and customer service issue with this high-end camera.

Hopefully more will be made clear soon. Meanwhile, check out the rest of Nick Devlin’s review. It’s one of the earliest and most significant pieces of independent coverage on the 645D to date, and in general is extremely positive about the camera.

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