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Fall 2010 Canadian Rockies Photo Tour — Alien Lines

November 5, 2010
Alien Lines, Graveyard Flats

Alien Lines, Graveyard Flats

One thing I’ve written before is that I’m almost always going around with a small point-and-shoot camera of some kind. I use it to get photographs that I wouldn’t otherwise get because the bigger cameras are not with me at the moment I see something. But another thing I enjoy using a pocket camera for is going out intentionally to use it — in preference to a bigger rig — for small details like what is shown here. The small size and fluid handheld style of photographing with something like the Panasonic LX5 means I can quickly explore all kinds of weird & wonderful subjects and compositions that I’d simply never take the time for with the bigger cameras, lenses and tripods.

While working with the group during the Fall 2010 Photo Tour, one of our stops was at Graveyard Flats along the Icefields Parkway. There are some classic big mountain views available here, but the thing I like best about this location is the nearly endless array of small, intimate details. With a lot of fresh rain and warm temperatures having brought higher than usual river levels, there was plenty of fresh mud and silt in a few spots. Some sort of worms or bugs had been having a heyday leaving fresh trails in the damp riverbed. I found the pattern at one spot just a hair less than pure chaotic, an appealing subject for my Panasonic LX5.

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