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Pentax 645D In Canada

November 1, 2010

Information has been slowly accumulating about the availability of the Pentax 645D in Canada. An overview of camera features and specifications has appeared on the Pentax Canada web site. Nothing new there, since the capabilities of the camera have been described to this level on various sites for awhile now. But it’s encouraging to see the info appear on an official site ending with “.ca”.

According to this press release quoted at

A limited quantity of the PENTAX 645D Medium-Format Digital SLR Camera Body will be available for sale at selected authorized PENTAX Canada Inc. dealers, starting from early November 2010, at a suggested retail price of $10,500. The smc PENTAX-D FA 645 55mm F2.8 AL [IF] SDM AW lens will also be available for sale at a suggested retail price of $1,250.

And here’s some really exciting news — the 645D can be pre-ordered online from London Drugs! Pick up some batteries, shampoo, a chocolate bar… and a medium format digital camera. Is that convenient, or what?

Finally, while not specifically related to the 645D’s introduction to Canada, some interesting reading about the camera’s image quality is available at As reported by The Imaging Resource, the 645D appeared at position #4 out of all cameras currently ranked by total score by the folks at DxO. It’s outranked only by the Nikon D3X in 35mm digital bodies, and only by the Phase One P40 Plus and P65 Plus in medium format.

The other cameras fare better on the DxO total score in part because they all have an ISO range that extends lower than the 645D. If the metrics are compared only for the subset of ISO values supported by the Pentax (100 – 1600), then the 645D scores relatively even better. It bests the Phase One bodies for signal-to-noise ratio, dynamic range, tonal range and color sensitivity for most ISO values; the P65 Plus is slightly better only at ISO 100. The 645D is neck-and-neck with the D3X in everything except dynamic range, where the Nikon is the champ, a remarkable feat for a 35mm body.

Cool stuff… for camera nuts. 🙂

Anyway, today is November 1, 2010. That’s early in the month, right? Since the camera will be available in Canada “from early November 2010”, where’s my 645D?

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