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Scouting for the Fall 2010 Canadian Rockies Photo Tour

September 27, 2010
Layers of Fall, Abraham Lake

Layers of Fall, Abraham Lake

For the past couple of days, I’ve been hanging out in one of my favorite places to be at any time of year — David Thompson Country, and specifically my usual base at Aurum Lodge. Though I like it out here pretty much any season, needless to say Fall in the Canadian Rockies has its own special attraction. The days are not quite so long, and winter conditions (including the cold!) have not yet set in. The light is clear, the air is crisp, and fall colors add a special spark to the mountain scenery as the land enters that (sometimes brief) golden period before winter does arrive.

In the view above, I really enjoyed how the slanting layers of light & shadow, trees & rock faces, terrain & clouds all ran across the view in parallel. The vivid colors and detailed textures really captured a signature look that says “Fall in the Rockies” to me. The land is always there, but chance circumstances, trying new paths, changing weather and other conditions are the spices that keep things interesting. It’s important to keep looking and keep seeing, especially in familiar places.

In addition to just hanging out, puttering around and taking some photographs, I’m mainly doing some location scouting. Tomorrow marks the first day of the Fall 2010 Canadian Rockies Photo Tour. It looks like we are going to experience some unseasonably warm temperatures — two days so far have hit +20 C, about 10 degrees warmer than usual, and no frost at night! The light has been good, there has been some dramatic action in the sky, and the fall colors were good this year. Nature isn’t made to order, and one thing I’m seeing so far is exceptionally strong winds… we will be hoping the fall foliage hangs out, and looking for locations to work with good fall color throughout the week.

I’m looking forward to this event, and have high hopes for what our group will experience — whether grand vistas or intimate details. More to come on that subject. No matter what’s going on, it’s tough to beat a fall expedition in the Canadian Rockies!

While this event is now locked in, if a near future photo expedition in this beautiful country is something you’re interested in, there’s still time to consider another option. The Light Matters Masterclass: Creative Expression event, to be held during the first week of November, also will be based out of Aurum Lodge. It will focus on blending craft, art and professional aspects of image making in these inspiring surroundings.

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