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Overview Clip For Light Matters Masterclass: Creative Expression

September 21, 2010

As an additional fun challenge when Sam, Darwin and I were preparing to put out the announcements about the new Light Matters Masterclass series of photography events, we decided to create a slide show in video clip form to highlight the key goals of the first event, Creative Expression. Plus show some favorite imagery made around the locations where the event will be held.

Digital photography, including still and video, plus current software and cheap hosting options around the Internet really have created a wealth of opportunities for sharing imagery. Slide shows and video are new for me but promise to open up a whole new aspect of visual creativity. Now I just need a lot more free time!

The clip below is about two and a half minutes long. I hope you’ll check it out!

Update: We have bumped back the date for the first Light Matters Masterclass, moving it to 2011 to give people time to work the event into their travel planning. We got strong interest in the concept, but also feedback that there simply wasn’t time to respond for a date in 2010. So set your plans for November 2011!

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