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New Early Winter 2010 Event: Light Matters Masterclass on Creative Expression

September 18, 2010

This unique masterclass was a hit! The final determination of fall to transition into winter gave the participants some fresh snow, chilly conditions, and lots of light to work with. But the key to success was the active participation of the whole group in taking the ideas presented through seminars and field assignments, and using them to improve their own photography through new ways of seeing and creating. We worked with these topics:

  • Art: using tone as the foundation of visual language & design.
  • Craft: using HDR technique for high fidelity workflow and photorealistic results.
  • Profession: moving beyond single image capture for personal enjoyment, to intentionally edited collections and series that present a body of work or story to an audience.

A few of my photos from (and comments about) the masterclass will appear throughout the blog. Take a look at posts tagged 2011 Creative Expression Masterclass.

Event: Light Matters Masterclass: Creative Expression
Co-leaders: Samantha Chrysanthou, Darwin Wiggett & Royce Howland
Group size: 9 participants maximum, intermediate to advanced photography experience
Dates: November 3 – 7, 2010 changed to November 2 – 6, 2011; see this post for details
Highlights: 5 days / 4 nights at Aurum Lodge in David Thompson Country
Travel on location: Car-pooling with the group
Fee: $2745 CDN including all instruction fees, accommodations & meals; not including travel to the lodge
Information: See the event PDF brochure and the overview video clip
Registration: Alan Ernst at Aurum Lodge
Contact: Royce Howland (royce at or Alan Ernst (info at

Blazin' Sky, Whirlpool Point

Blazin' Sky, Whirlpool Point

I’m very happy to announce an exciting event. This coming November, I will be co-leading the first in the new Light Matters Masterclass series. I’ll be teaming up with the renowned and in-demand photographers / authors / workshop leaders Samantha Chrysanthou and Darwin Wiggett to present Light Matters Masterclass: Creative Expression.

This event is designed for photographers who know how to handle the basics of taking technically sound photographs, and now want to reach a new level in personal creative expression.

Other photo events may stress fieldwork, focusing the group on photographic opportunities. Or they may concentrate on classwork, dealing out theory in an indoor setting. The Light Matters Masterclass series will offer an intensive, mentoring format that balances short, insightful seminars on key topics along with targeted field time. The outdoor experience will include practical assignments, while the inside time will include hands-on labs and constructive critique to power real learning achievements during the event. The goal of this first event, Creative Expression, is to help each participant home in on their own unique balance between craft, art and profession, to master personal creative goals.

We will be covering a range of topics, but 3 seminars form the anchors for Creative Expression:

  • Master the power of tone and tonal contrast to transform the way you see the world… and the images that result.
  • Gain practical knowledge of how to use High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques to harness tonality for artistic expression.
  • Learn how to announce your work in a compelling way with methods for presenting an image series, gallery or portfolio.

What are some of the other unique elements that go into a Light Matters Masterclass event? One is the location. Based out of the award-winning Aurum Lodge nestled in David Thompson Country and the world-class Canadian Rockies, every day of Creative Expression will bring a revitalized sense of inspiration and new opportunities for creative photography. Aurum Lodge is an ideal base for the event, combining a central location with accommodation and meal arrangements that are virtually tailor-made for the photographer.

Another unique factor is the instructor team and group size. Many events are run with larger groups and only 1 or 2 instructors. A Light Matters Masterclass event is designed to provide an unrivaled degree of personal focus for each participant. With a group size of at most 9, Sam, Darwin and I will be able to devote a lot of personal attention to each member of the group and help everyone get the most out of the experience. Not to mention, have some good fun along the way!

If this kind of opportunity catches your creative eye, please see the event PDF brochure for more details. You can read Darwin’s event announcement, or check out Sam’s announcement. I also have some general background information about the events I’m involved with, at my workshops & events page.

We hope you’ll join us in Creative Expression!

Light Matters Masterclass: Creative Expression

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