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Last Chance to Stock Up on Sleep!

June 15, 2010
Going Old School, Atlee

Going Old School, Atlee

Tonight is my last opportunity for a decent bit of sleep. No, nothing drastic… it’s just that tomorrow morning I set off for several days of prairie photography with the Extreme Saskatchewan photo tour. Most mornings we’ll be getting up early enough to make my eyelids bleed. But that’s okay, it’s all in the name of art.

Originally I planned to drive out solo and meet up with the group on location. But subsequently I’ve arranged to buddy up with Calgary photographer David Pattinson for the trip. This is bound to make the drive more interesting, although I’m sure we won’t talk gear or business the whole time… not!

If you don’t hear back from me after a few days, I’m probably face down in a field somewhere in Saskatchewan, catching a few Z’s…

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  1. David (art is a mystery to me) permalink
    June 16, 2010 06:30

    Enjoy the trip. I truly anticipate seeing the results of this shoot.

    Your photo above is the type of photo that a) draws me into thought… about what has gone through this building, what stories lived here, and b) makes my heart sing.

    I really want to see what you can do once you have “played” in the Prairie theme for a while – moving the building slightly off centre; or shooting at different angles, or in different weathers. I expect good things!

  2. June 17, 2010 08:08

    I think it does take time to master a new type of subject material, and further to develop one’s own interpretation of it. The image attached here was taken back in 2006; I’d say I’ve certainly progressed in my photo work since then, on a number of levels. But open country can be more challenging to work with in some ways, because there isn’t always something equivalent to a majestic snow-capped peak sitting there to compel the viewer’s attention… it may take more work to zero in on effective images.

    Even with more obvious subjects like abandoned buildings and such, the obvious shot is not necessarily the one that’s going to be most interesting. My continuous area of development is to learn to see into the layers beneath what is most obvious on the first approach.

    Right now, it’s taking a certain level of perseverance to tackle the prairie this time around — it has been raining steadily, and at times heavily, since about the moment we arrived at the base location. Bad weather can make for good photography, but working in driving rain is difficult… 🙂

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