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Epic Blahs? Grunge to the Rescue!

June 7, 2010
They're Lining Up At This Joint, Abraham Lake

They're Lining Up At This Joint, Abraham Lake

What do you do when you’re photographing grand vistas for days on end, get a bit tired, have some bad weather bring flat light one afternoon, and temporarily lose the plot of the mountain scenery? If you’re David Clapp and myself, you stand around on a bridge close to home base for awhile, staring out into the wild.

Then you wander into the middle of the highway and start goofing around with pocket camera shots of the road. Fortunately traffic was light, so I could play with this faded center line paint and rusting expansion joint. Trusty Canon G10 into the fray once more!

The straight shot here was somewhat lacking in character owing to flat light under solid overcast skies. So I grunged it up with some oddball layer blend operations to bring out all the gritty details and render a harder degree of contrast.

Sometimes the epic shot is “out there”, but sometimes a fun shot is literally underfoot.

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  1. David (no artistic bone in my body) permalink
    June 8, 2010 06:44

    It again confirms that artistic shots can be found anywhere. I once knew a woman who “made” the most glorious art out of used paper coffee filters – no lie. One just needs to open the eye, and eliminate preconceptions about “art” from the mind.

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